Global Total Animal Healthcare

SUNG-WON, a corporation that takes a step forward in keeping with the global market trend.

Global Total Animal Healthcare

Starting with exporting to Taiwan, we have been supplying products throughout Asia.
We are trying to supply products to the global market.
We import good products from various countries and supply them to the Korean market.
We promise to grow into a total Animal Healthcare company in the future.

Sung-Won CO., LTD.

Collaboration with Overseas Partners!! Growing into a global company.

Sung-Won NETWORK We have linked a global network in the United States, Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Argentina etc. to supply high grade raw materials and products in Korea.
We will supply good products our customers.

Thank you.



Sungwon's special way to keep good products for more than 40 years!!


We're building our trust with you.
Promise to supply excellent products!!


Act on community service and sharing in the event of various disasters and damages!!

Inquire about the best quality of our products.